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This page only highlights our most popular products. Our team has developed hundreds of custom applications for businesses large and small. Our developer's software tools and web applcations embrace many commercial and open-source application development enviornments such as PHP, MySQL, Perl, LINUX, freeBSD, APACHE, AJAX, CSS, jQuery, HTML, XHTML, HTML5, and XML. These standard applications and development languages form the building blocks of the majority of web sites available on the internet today


PManager is a cutting-edge Real Estate listing management engine that is intended for managing the online property listings of a single Agent, a whole Real Estate office, or a Property Management company. PManager is a fully dynamic, and very useful tool for managing Real Estate listings and Rental Property listings, and managing online lead generation. PManager is fast, easy, flexible, and powerful, and unlike an online service, PManager is a standalone application you only have to purchase 1 time. Many MLS services offer access to their database of listings through a system known as IDX (Internet Data Exchange). PManager has proven to be compatible with many current implementations of IDX that use FTP, offering a seamless method of promoting the entire local inventory of property listings for a given MLS.


Now that your business is online, you need to ensure it stays there working for you by monitoring any gaps or potential bottlenecks in your site's smooth and trouble free availability to end-users. SmartMonitor keeps you aware of server/system outtages, uptime, and availability problems that could affect your online success. It is not enough in today's competitive market to have an SLA (service level agreement) alone. SmartMonitor helps keep you informed so you can keep your online investment working for you.

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