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Our team members each posess many years of experience working in various fields of the computer and Internet industries. Let us put our vast experience to work for you, for your consulting, custom code development, database, specialized web hosting or custom Open-Realty® web site development needs.


If you need help making decisions regarding your company's internet presence we can help! If your off-shore developers are not working out and need to be herded, prodded, or replaced, we can handle it. Just about everyone knows a so-called "webmaster", almost every business knows a "computer guru", and in every family there is usually someone who "does internet stuff". Unfortunately, employing acquaintances and hobbyists such as these is not always the best choice when trying to address the needs of a professional business. If the people who started your project cannot finish it, or they keep missing your deadlines, we can usually salvage your project. We provide consulting, project management, and software services, to clients all over the world.

Don't buy that next "solution" until you ask an expert.

custom development

Writing code for the web can be difficult and inefficient if you do not do it everyday. Let our professionals assist you with your task so that you may focus on working with your client or running your company. We have experts available who work extensively with CSS, HTML, XHTML, HTML5, Javascript, jQuery, CGI/PERL, PHP and mySQL.

We regularly deploy and maintain sites that use many popular commercial and open-source applications such as Open-Realty® Wordpress, and Drupal.

database creation and management

Need a custom database? Are you looking to convert your existing database to a new platform or format? Let our experts take you though this daunting task quickly and professionally. Our experts work extensively with MS-SQL, mySQL, MS-Access and others. We can even convert your existing spreadsheet files to popular database formats for integration with your website. We are experts in converting database data from one format to another.

specialized website hosting

We make choosing a specialized web host simple! We offer reliable and very specialized hosting plans that are simply unbeatable, that will never be overshared. We utilize the latest hosting hardware and software technology for all our web hosting customers so that we can maintain the maximum performance, flexibility and reliability. There will always be less expensive places to host a web site, but, if your site's hosting requirements are not typical, how many hosts will actually tailor their hosting to your specific application? An Open-Realty® web site that uses a MLS IDX or RETS real estate listing import for instance, will also have special hosting requirements that many hosts will simply not accomodate, because doing so would not fit with their "sardines in a can" business model.

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Open-Realty® custom development

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